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Average Time: 6 Weeks

On average it takes 6 weeks for a new member to develop the skill, working at their own pace.

Careers Available: 361

Our Career Database is full of positions for 3D Designers. Premium Members receive a Resume Building Service, Interview preparation and are connected with gigs.

Level: Beginner/Fundamentals

This is a great course for members with no background knowledge in 3D Design, we start from scratch so anyone can learn the skill.


There’s a growing trend in the world of beautiful vehicles, homes and photos around the internet, presented in business meetings and used to explain ideas – they’re all digital simulations.


People with no background in designing and digital art are learning how to create captivating simulations that leave lasting impressions on millions. With Open X Education’s latest cloud-based, low cost and entry level course – you are now able to start as well.

Here you’ll learn how to design your dream home, that invention concept you have had in your head, or even that vision of a new super car you have dreamed up.

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We have had incredible feedback from thousands, and are so comfortable in the quality and results of this course – that we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Join today and let’s begin to show the world what you are capable of.


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Our Fundamentals courses are built for individuals with no background knowledge, you are not required to have any background in mathematics or engineering, we recommend this course for those who feel they are "Hands On Learners"

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