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Average Time: 10 Weeks

On average it takes 10 weeks for a new member to develop the skill, working at their own pace.

Careers Available: 11,137 Worldwide

Our Career Database is full of positions for Composite technicians. We will help you find a rewarding entry level or experienced position.

Level: Beginner/Fundamentals

This is a great course for members with no background knowledge with the technology, we start from scratch.


Welcome to our most popular course. Today we have helped over 1,000 individuals learn about composite carbon fiber with most having almost zero background knowledge.

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People love taking this course because they can develop the knowledge needed to earn a career in Aerospace, Automotive or Space Exploration – or they want to simply build their own custom carbon fiber parts for their own projects.

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We created the world’s first online course and the world’s most affordable opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the technology to help people get ahead of the curve in their career, earn their first position in growing fields.

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Not everyone has a strong technical background or hours to dedicate to learning a new skill, so we made this course work at your own pace and entry level so anyone can advance their career.

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This is why we stand behind everything we train on, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Join the CATIA course

We are excited to see what you are capable of, and here to support you every step of the way.

Join the CATIA course

Join the CATIA course

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Fundamentals of Composite Carbon Fiber


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Fundamentals of Composite Carbon Fiber


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Do I need any prior knowledge before starting this?
Our Fundamentals courses are built for individuals with no background knowledge, you are not required to have any background in mathematics or engineering, we recommend this course for those who feel they are "Hands On Learners"
Do I have a time limit on the course?
Any course you sign up with at Open X will be yours for life. We do not believe in adding artificial time limits to courses as that is an unnecessary additional stress. You can access your course 24/7/365, at any time you like
What if I struggle while taking the course?
Don't worry! We have built a great community of course-takers and industry professionals, as well as having very responsive instructors who will all help you navigate your way through this and develop your new skill set
How long does it take to finish this course?
Everyone has different results as they have varying amounts of time they can dedicate to it, but on average it takes new members approximately 10 week to go over the content and develop a strong understanding
Are there any careers available for this technology?
Absolutely! We built this course to train individuals and help them land one of the thousands of entry level positions in Aerospace and Automotive as a Carbon Fiber Technician. This role will give you a great opportunity to get into the industry and allow you to grow
Is this more for earning a Career or for recreational use of Carbon Fiber?
Both! The course has the in depth knowledge about the industry that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere, built by real industry professionals. It also has content to help anyone get started on their projects to make their own carbon fiber parts.