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On average it takes 12 weeks for a new member to develop the skill, working at their own pace.

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Level: Beginner/Fundamentals

This is a great course for members with no background knowledge in CNC, we start from scratch so anyone can learn the skill.


The heart of nearly every manufacturing company in the world, the CNC Machine has proven to be stronger, faster and more accurate than humans.


Now you have the opportunity to learn everything you will need to know about them.


The modern world is able to operate as it is, with complex cars, planes and most consumer goods – due to the CNC Machine.


CNC Machines are some of the earliest forms of industrial robotics, these are machines used for cutting, trimming and drilling out shapes, all programmed by a person and a computer.


This course is the world’s first opportunity to learn this advanced industry skill for an affordable price point. Even if you have no background knowledge in the field, we will be taking you from zero to a well-spoken entry-level professional. Thousands love Open X Education because we don’t stop at helping people learn a new skill, we connect you with real industry professionals and help you find your new career or grow your current career in growing industries!



Join this cloud-based, work at your own pace and a low priced course that will equip you with an entirely new skill set that you can apply to the world. We can’t wait to see what you’re capable of.



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Fundamentals of CNC Machining


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Fundamentals of CNC Machining


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