Average Time: 10 Weeks

On average it takes 10 weeks for a new member to develop the skill, working at their own pace.

Careers Available: 3,132

Our Career Database is full of positions for Robotics. Premium Members receive a Resume Building Service, Interview preparation and are connected with companies who need this skill!

Level: Beginner/Fundamentals

This is a great course for members with no background knowledge in Robotics, we start from scratch so anyone can learn the skill.


The only way to protect ourselves from being replaced by automation is to learn it. Now you finally can begin from home, learn from industry professionals and earn a rewarding career in robotics.


The McKinsey Global Institute research suggests 39 to 73 Million of these roles are in the USA alone, a large impact for the ~315M citizens we have.

To give people an opportunity to get ahead of this, we created the world’s first affordable opportunity to learn about robotics, with zero background knowledge.

In this cloud-based, work at your own pace – course, you will learn everything required to speak as an entry-level professional in Robotics. You will know the history, present, and concepts of the future for robotics.

We believe in teaching real industry skills with a sense of humor, so instead of people fearing being automated out a job, they can learn how to troubleshoot, maintain, program and operate a real industry robot, not “Sophia the AI”.

Tens of thousands of positions around the world are open to entry-level technicians, programmers, operators and maintenance workers. Thousands love Open X Education’s courses since we help people learn a new skill, connect them with real industry professionals to guide them and help members find a way to a new career in the industry!

Join this course today and learn with Real Industry Software! We can’t wait to see what you are capable of.


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Fundamentals of Robotics


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Fundamentals of Robotics


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What will I learn in this course?
In this Fundamentals course, you will learn how to setup, maintain, program and run one of the world's most popular Robotic systems, a Fanuc LR Mate 200i
Is it work at my own pace?
Absolutely. Once you join a course it is yours forever and you'll never have to worry about the time it takes to finish it. Available 24/7/365, you're able to log in at any time of the night or day!
When does the full course release?
V2.0 of the course released in February 2020!
Will I qualify for a robotics job after this?
Written from the instructor's perspective - who has no credentials, I firmly believe yes and will help you find one. I worked at Boeing as their youngest Robotics Programmer and have built a career from self-teaching what I can about the systems. I had less than the structure we're providing here, and nowhere near as much hands-on experience, I am building this specifically to place people into the thousands of unfilled robotics technician, operator and programming jobs out there.
What is the career outlook?
Strictly looking at entry-level positions, it is reasonable to expect $20-$25 an hour on start as a technician. The most experienced Robotics technicians will demand $60 an hour. Programmers are looking at $30-$45 on start and the most experienced Robotics Programmers make $60-$90 an hour.