There is a large challenge in the world today. Technology is evolving at an exponential rate, beyond what our infrastructure was prepared for. The modern education system leaves much to be desired in terms of flexibility and cost for the individual, but maybe the most crucial factor is that the majority of programs today do not teach the advanced skillsets needed at companies.

We created Open X Education as a first step to addressing that problem. We focus on enabling individuals to succeed and grow their careers in advanced technologies by creating a next generation online learning platform. We bring together industry experts and have them teach their trade, particularly ones that are in high demand around the world. We then open it up so anyone can join with no tuition and no admissions process. The average market price to learn the skills we focus on vary from $3,000 to $8,000 depending on how in depth you want to go. The platform we designed allows us to provide more training, more support and more help – for less than one-tenth of that price, most of our courses are between $200 and $400.

We believe in a future where any individual has the ability to pursue an advanced technology career, without going in debt, stressing over the time or not getting the support they need. We help our members develop their resumes, give them industry proven tips and coaching on interviewing and help them land a new career or excel in their current one.

The ultimatum in affordable, accessible and industry relevant training is to put a training center into every community. We created an idea in 2017 called “Open STEM Cafe”, where we launch cafes that double as community learning centers. Here individuals from communities around the world will enjoy all of the normal nourishments a cafe will have, the warm and welcoming atmosphere and the fast WiFi. Those who want more, will be able to sign up for a monthly membership to access hundreds of advanced skill training modules. We will have Robots, Programming stations and more lined throughout the cafe. This will be a “Gym for your brain”, if you will.

We also partner with companies and Universities to expand our reach, supplement their existing talent and create tailored training solutions in Computer Aided Design/Engineering/Simulation, Automation, Composites and overall Technical Skills.

We have grown to at least 10 members in over 100 countries, today we have an incredible community of over 10,000 total people. and now that you are here, we are glad to meet you and have you join in on this mission to create something that we all need. Let’s get started